Bringing your fursona, OC or mascot to life, with stitches and fabric, in plush form!

All characters shown are original, and are owned by individual people. DO NOT COPY. Thank you! Have any questions? Feel free to contact via the links below, or help this project thrive with a ko-fi to the one behind it!
Contact via a link below to commission!

About our Plush

A small, furry plush business who produces single and bulk sale plush! We're willing to work with just about any animal character you can think up! Anthro, feral, fur, feathers or scales!Aspiring to be a creator to reach out to those who are new to the plush creating universe, and wanting to see the work we create loved and appreciated!The plush we make are 10 inch/25 cm, and are made with minky, faux fur, and love and care; put into every concept and creation! Plush are drawn to our reference, sent to the international manufacturer, and created to your liking. Once the design is approved by the combined efforts of us both; it'll be shipped to us in Canada to be looked over, some snazzy gallery photos for all to see, and then packaged up and sent right to you!We may be new, but, we certainly aspire to be out there and to supply the best cuddly plush versions of your sonas! Feel free to ask for a quote anytime they are open, we don't bite!


Official StitchedPaws Reference Sheet - $100 to $ 175 USD (required to commission an official plush from us!) price increases with complexity!

**Singular / First copy / Prototype - ** $180 USD for 20 cm Plush, or $220 for 38 cm plush (REQUIRES STITCHED PAWS PLUSH REFERENCE SHEET)

Bulk lot of 50 - $1100 USD (To be made after the first prototype is confirmed, payment plans not accepted. Must be ready to pay full upfront. Money goes directly to manufacturer to get started! Gathering interest for pre-orders is HEAVILY recommended.)We can talk about bigger bulk lots, don't hesitate to ask!